My Story

Marie Smith

️“Working with Reach for Solace has been an absolute game-changer for me. I was going through a tough time in my personal and professional life, and I felt overwhelmed and lost. Sarah’s counselling and life coaching expertise provided me with the support and guidance I needed.”

I have been told from a young age & by many that they saw me as “wise” & “intuitive” so I guess it’s no surprise that I would go on to use my natural gifts in being able to serve others as a therapist.

Alongside my natural attributes I’ve worked on my personal journey of self growth for over 25 years. I know my personal development journey will never end as I love learning & growing.

Long before becoming a qualified counsellor & coach I was the sounding board to friends & family. I enjoyed listening, helping them find solutions & helping them see things from a different perspective.

By helping others I was in a way finding answers & healing myself. Not that I knew it at the time but growing up I had an insecure attachment which showed up in my late teens through relationship difficulties. This was partially due to my parents separation when I was three.

Abandonment issues began to surface & I felt constantly triggered by intrusive thoughts from lack of trust, fears of infidelity from my partner, fears I’d be abandoned to simply fearing my partner would view me as not being good enough.

Core wounds were getting played out & I did not know how to connect to myself to understand my feelings & therefore communicate effectively & healthily.

I would people please & internalise my true feelings which over time spilled out in unhealthy ways all which contributed to me feeling unseen, unheard & misunderstood. I treated people like mind readers thinking ‘surely they must know how I feel & what I need.’ I was waiting for someone to “fix me” & giving away my power.

I found a therapist & my journey of self discovery began. I learned coping mechanisms, found helpful ways to connect to myself and know what I needed from myself & others. I learned how to speak up & have self compassion towards myself.

My therapist spoke of how I could potentially make a great therapist and at 26 I started my studies. Meditation & mindfulness have also been a big part of journey in that I carry these practices out daily in my own life & completed training to teach others.

I enjoy seeing others reap the benefits of slowing down, creating stillness within & therefore being able to hear the inner wisdom that is always there. Distractions, the Ego, outdated beliefs & the unhelpful negative chatter can make us feel lost & off course which I know only too well.

I also know we can change our mindset & create positive changes in our lives with the right support. My souls purpose is to help others live more authentically & become the best versions of themselves for them & everyone around them in their life.


Sarah has spent thousands of hours & tens of thousands of pounds on training & her own personal development “taking the scenic route so you don’t have to.” Sarah can support you in getting to your desired outcome much quicker than if you were doing it on your own. Time is precious.

Sarah combines her professional training, personal experience & natural gifts to work with you intuitively.

Sarah tailors her approach to the individual needs of each client creating a unique package.

There is no doubt you will feel seen, heard, understood & reach what you’re hoping for.

Sarah has over 15 years experience & helped thousands of people.

Her qualifications over this time:

  • Diploma in Theraputic Counselling
  • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Diploma
  • Self Hypnosis Practioner Certificate
  • Working with Couples Programme
  • Life Coaching Diploma
  • Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma
  • Meditation Teacher Diploma
  • Accredited EFT Tapping Practioner


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